hi, i'm ada hu.


a b o u t

Welcome! My name is Ada Hu, and I’m a junior at UC Berkeley studying computer science and minoring in data science. I currently TA for CS61B, Berkeley’s data structure course, and am active member of Codeology, a club dedicated to helping students find their fit within the tech industry.

When I’m not studying, I play tennis, explore local boba shops, and cook. I also recently rediscovered my love for art, and taught myself photoshop and illustrator. I also really like cats (especially chonky ones).

I’ve themed my website off of Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album, Lover. Hope you enjoy it!

With love,

p r o j e c t s


Created a chrome extension that blocks websites and rewards good study habits. Uses Google firebase API to authenticate users and track user rewards. After studying for certain thresholds of time, a constellation will incrementally build up. This chrome extension was launched on the google app store.

Designed and coded a end-to-end secure, encrypted file system that allowed for sharing messages between users. Functionalities included creating new users, creating new files, storing and loading files, efficiently appending to files, sharing files, and unsharing files.

Developed and implemented approximation algorithms for a NP-hard problem that postprocessed a baseline traveling salesman problem (TSP) algorithm. Post-processed resulting graph by pruning inefficient paths of commonly observed patterns.

c o n t a c t

Thanks for visiting me! Feel free to email me at adahu@berkeley.edu!
If you would like the password to the files above, please reach out.